There are certain food encounters that always taste better right here in Australia than anywhere else on Earth, regardless of the cuisines you try on your journeys. Australia’s summer feel-good food rituals are immediately reminded of good times and carefree Aussie summers by these home-grown dishes and flavours. How many of them have you ticked this year off the list? By Peters Drumstick, happily brought to you. Since 1963, the cone of Aussie summer food rituals.

Mango with almost everything

Mango with almost everything
mango with almost everything

This is rated one of the Australian foods ever, the mango is our nation’s most iconic fruit. Whether they’re taking a simple salad to the next level, topping a pav, or simply complementing your favourite meat, mangoes have the power to make almost any dish taste better.


Prawns with avocado

Whoever has tried a fresh Aussie prawn knows what the fuss is all about. We’re fortunate to have some of the world’s finest seafood on our doorstep, worth queuing for Christmas, and definitely worth crying endlessly ‘throwing another shrimp on the barbie jokes’ over. Try mango, lime, and coconut salsa cajun prawns.



Kicking back after a game of backyard cricket? Cooling down after a lazy day at the beach? There are few better ways to top off a great Australian summer’s day than with a Peters Drumstick. Because using a spoon would be way too much effort, right? Try A Salted Caramel White Choc or Raspberry White Choc Drumstick – great new flavour twists on the classic cone.


Steak… perfectly licked by the barbie
Tasty Steak

Home-grown steak tastes great whatever the time of year, but there’s something extra special about one that’s been lovingly watched and barbecued to perfection. Cook from room temperature and don’t turn it too often for the perfect summer dinner. Try: Scotch fillet steaks with oregano and cumin seed rub

Dips… made the Aussie way

Dips… made the Aussie way

The most sociable snack ever, a fresh dip is the party starter of choice at BBQs and gatherings across the country. And what’s the nation’s favourite recipe? The spinach cob loaf dip, of course! Try: Bacon, basil and spinach cob loaf dip

Pavlova especially through Christmas and beyond

Pavlova… through Christmas and beyond

We may have to share the credit for inventing this dish with New Zealand, but the pavlova will always be a dessert synonymous with Aussie summers. Not just for the festive feast or the Australia Day party, the humble pav can be styled to suit any occasion. Try: Green and gold pavlova


Oysters… freshly shucked

One of the trending summer ingredients of 2017, oysters are back on the Australian foodie radar. Not that they ever truly went away. Just a simple vinaigrette is all it takes to make this zero-effort food really sing. Try: Oysters with pickled ginger dressing

Sausages sizzle… smelled from a kilometre away

Sausages sizzle

What’s in the air like that? Without the smell of a sausage sizzle wafting through the neighbourhood, it really isn’t summer. There’s something about the combo of fried onions and succulent sausage that sparks instant appetite, from school fetes to backyard BBQs. Try it: rolls of barbecued sausage with caramelised onions. By Peters Drumstick, happily brought to you. Since 1963, the cone of Aussie summer food rituals.


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