Acts Of Kindness That You Can Do For Loved Ones Today

Acts of Kindness – Kindness Ideas

An act of kindness will give your friends and family a world of difference, elevating their mood and making them feel appreciated. Furthermore, Acts of...
Love & Relationships

How 5 Love Languages Can Improve Your Relationships

The way we communicate and receive love varies from person to person, because of a phenomenon known as languages of love. Often we fail to...
self care

Why is Self Care Important? – Heath Academy

What is Self-care? and why is it Important? So, what is self-care, and why does it matter so? There are, as it turns out, many...
What Is Coronavirus?

What is Coronavirus? – Health Academy

1 Coronavirus is a type of virus. However, there are many forms of this virus that exits and some of them cause illness. The newly...

10 Weight-Loss Tips for Women in Their Twenties

Now is the time to set up healthy habits you can maintain for life. Read on to learn how to keep the scale steady...

My Weight Loss Journey – How I lost 20kg

What motivated me to lose weight By the end of it all I was at my heaviest weight of 83 kilograms. I remember weighing myself...

Quick and Effective At-Home Workout

I like having a simple workout that I can do at home in my living room. This workout consists of 7 easy moves that...

What I Learned From Taking A Break From Social Media

I took a break from social media, and largely, the internet for about 2 months and it felt good. How much time do you spend...

Ways to look after your Mental Health and Wellbeing

There are many easy ways to care for your every day mental health. All of us are different and what works for one of...
Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy People

Healthy Meal Prep Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

These healthy meal prep breakfast ideas are perfect for busy mornings or when you’re on the go! Finding a range of breakfast ideas that you...
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