Thanks to new technology developed by Propeller Health. Smart Inhalers may be the revolutionary breakthrough the asthma community has been yearning for to obtain ideal asthma control.

You actually turn your own inhaler into a smart inhaler.  To begin all you need is a prescription for an inhaler from your doctor as normal, and also a prescription for an inhaler sensor. Download and register an app afterwards. You literally clip the sensor on to it after you pick up the inhaler. The sensor then syncs through Bluetooth to your smartphone.

The sensor absorbs the signal and collects data about any possible causes of asthma in your region while you use the inhaler. You can then monitor when and where your inhalers are used and what effects you have encountered. Even reminders can be set.

Data are then gathered on your smartphone and on the server of your company. It automatically records your patterns, including time, date, location, and any details you enter in the system, while you are using your inhaled medicines.

If the system determines that your asthma is well-controlled, you may receive prompts, such as: “Congrats!  We hope you are feeling fantastic and are spending your time doing all of the things that you enjoy!”

However, if it determines your asthma is not well-controlled or poorly controlled, you may receive notifications such as:

  • Are you taking your controller daily? If not, it’s time to start taking your controller DAILY as directed.
  • Know your triggers and start avoiding them; if they are not always avoidable use your rescue inhaler before being exposed to them or directly after being exposed.
  • See your doctor if you are not lasting four hours between rescue inhaler doses and bring the information from your Propeller account that shows how often you are taking your rescue inhaler with the signs and symptoms you note, and the trends that all your information has formed regarding your asthma. This record helps you have good, honest conversations about your asthma with your doctor and so, together, you can build strategies to control it better.

The goal of this new technology is to help…

  1. YOU.  After you see your last doctor, you will no longer have to rely on memory to disclose your asthma. You would no longer have to hold an asthma report that is not accurate in most tests. Your doctor will have access to all of the same data by analysing the data on your mobile.
  2. Doctors. Every morning you receive emails to help you handle your days better. You should guarantee that you see patients who need assistance and don’t interrupt those who are well. For example, your doctor will be notified if your state changes from well-checked to poorly managed. It will ensure that the support you need when you need it will be given to your doctor. Your doctor may encourage you to call a nurse or consider visiting you.
  3.  Community Health Leaders.  They will be able to track where and when asthmatics use their inhalers. For instance, if the data reveals that one spot in your neighbourhood is a hotspot for inhaler usage, this may indicate something in that area is acting as an asthma trigger and should be avoided by asthmatics. You and your doctor will also have access to this data.

There are many asthmatics, both adults and children alike, who struggle to gain control of their asthma, and this may be an ideal tool for helping them gain optimal asthma control.


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