My Health Record is a national interactive health record system. It helps you to share your health records with physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers if you want to.

What is My Health Record?

My Health Record is a secure online summary of your health information. You can control what goes into it and who is allowed to access it. You can choose to share your health information with your doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Every Australian now has a My Health Record, unless they have chosen not to have one.

Benefits of having a My Health Record


The documents found in My Health Record are given by default to medical practitioners for general access. This means that any provider involved will see this information. You are still able to adjust the access controls. If you have an internet connexion, you can access your health records.


In a medical emergency, healthcare providers can easily offer the best quality treatment by accessing your health records. Healthcare services will provide you with better guidance and treatment on allergies, unpleasant reactions and medical conditions. You will have emergency access to your record when you have created an access code for your My Health Record and there is a significant threat to your life, health or safety.


If you are in My Health Record, your health history, including medication, symptoms and test results, would not necessarily need to be reminded of any detail you need to send to different healthcare providers. You might want to offer that information. However, it is not mandatory to discuss it with your doctor in order to receive an update of your health history and/or prescription than the details available in your My Health Record. The same goes for the wellbeing of your children with immunisations and medical testing in My Health Record if you want it.


You can control who sees what information. There are strict regulations about who can see or use your My Health Record. This protects your health information from misuse or loss.

What is included in your My Health Record?

Your My Health Record can include:

  • a record written by your doctor
  • details of medicines prescribed for you
  • specialist and referral documents
  • details of allergies and adverse reactions
  • an immunisations history
  • diagnostic imaging reports (like ultrasound or x-ray results)
  • pathology reports (like blood tests)
  • hospital discharge information
  • your Medicare claims history
  • your indigenous, veteran and Australian defence force status
  • your decision about organ donation
  • your wishes about your healthcare if you become too unwell to communicate (sometimes called a ‘living will’ or ‘advanced care planning’ documents)
  • contact numbers and emergency contact details
  • other personal health notes – you or a nominated representative can enter notes to keep track of your own health, like a health diary. Healthcare providers can’t see these notes.

Your My Health Record doesn’t replace any of your existing health records. Your doctors will still keep their own notes.

Documents and records saved in My health record can be hidden or concealed. Once hidden, information, even during an emergency, is not available to anyone.

The Child Development section of your child’s My Health Record is similar to the paper-based Baby Book. It has information about early health, growth and development, such as:

  • personal measurements
  • an immunisations and health checks history
  • questionnaires about growth and development
  • parental observations
  • information for parents
  • health check questionnaires (for NSW and Tasmania)
  • emergency contact information

How to register for My Health Record

Every eligible Australian has a My Health Record, unless they have chosen not to have one.

If you are new to Australia, a My Health Record will be created for you when you register for Medicare. You can indicate on the Medicare enrolment form if you do not want one.

You can register for a My Health Record before then in several ways:

  • online via the My Health Record website — you will need to create a MyGov account or log in to your existing account to register for My Health Record
  • by phone, by calling 1800 723 471 and choosing option 1
  • by completing a registration application form, available from a Medicare service centre or from the My Health Record website and posting it to GPO Box 9942 in your capital city
  • by asking your healthcare provider to help you

If you are registering a child, you must have parental responsibility for them and the child must be listed on your Medicare card. If this is not the case, you will need to apply in writing.

You can register a child who is not on your Medicare card:

  • in person at a Medicare service centre
  • when completing the Newborn Child Claim form — provided to all new parents
  • by asking your healthcare provider to help you

How can I view and manage My Health Record?

You can access your My Health Record with an internet browser and your myGov username and password. These are created when you register for myGov online. If you don’t have a myGov account, you will need to create one to see and use your My Health Record online.

More information and help

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